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Hailey Bieber recently ended up in hospital for a brain clot, and her famous husband was scared like never before in his life

Justin Bieber shared with his fans news about the health of his wife Hailey , just a week after the model confirmed that she ended up in hospital due to a brain clot. During a performance on his Justice World tour, Bieber briefly concluded the concert and commented on the health of his beloved wife. He discovered that Hailey had fully recovered, but also that she had gone through great danger.


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“Most of you probably know or have seen the news about my wife. But she’s fine, she’s good, she’s strong. However, this whole situation has shaken me up a lot. Despite everything, I know God is watching over her. It was terrible, you know, it was really scary. But I know for sure that God has it in the palm of his hand and that’s a good thing, “Bieber told fans. He also shared a clip from the concert on his Instagram.

Recall, Hailey Bieber ended up in hospital last week for stroke-like symptoms. A small clot formed in her brain, and during breakfast with her husband at their home, she felt problems. She had difficulty moving so Bieber called an ambulance. Hailey was then hospitalized, and tests revealed she had a clot. After recovering well, she was soon released into home care. It was also reported that Justin had trouble sleeping in the first days after the unfortunate event because he was very scared for his wife.