Justin Bieber (25) organized a benefit evening to promote art and support disadvantaged children. Kylie Jenner (22) was present and showed her contribution during the event. But there was also another funny moment; the make-up giant was put down by the singer.

In addition to support for a good cause, there was particular attention for Justin Bieber during his benefit evening. The singer sold his art and with that money he wants to help disadvantaged children. In addition, he also sang a moppie, making his fans completely crazy. Kylie Jenner was also present and showed her support for the charity of the singer. But the moment the two hugged each other in front of the cameras, Justin put his good friend in front of the block. 

Justin suddenly sang “rise and shine.” And with this he refers to the viral video of Kylie in which she wakes her daughter with the song. In the end it was all about social media and even merchandise came from the phrase. Kylie seemed to think it was funny and participated in a good mood. The makeup giant really enjoyed it and sang the famous phrase himself. It will be food again for a lot of memes and funny movies.