The 26-year-old Canadian arrives to help Kanye amid claims that he wants to divorce Kim Kardashian.

Justin Bieber joined Kanye West at his ranch in Wyoming on Friday amid claims that he is desperate to divorce his wife Kim Kardashian.

The 26-year-old Canadian pop star teamed up with the troubled 43-year-old rap star to offer support and advice after weeks of finding himself in the eye of the hurricane over his presidential bid, and the problems made public with his wife Kim Kardashian and his mother-in-law Kris Jenner.

Now Justin is coming to help Kanye. On Friday, West shared a snapshot of the younger musician leaning back in a chair as he reviewed a prototype studio on the wall.

Kanye captioned the moment: “DD and JB discuss new prototype spray foam walls on YZY campus.”

Kanye discussed his plans to transform his 4,500-acre (1,820-hectare) ranch into a hive of creativity earlier this year.

He told GQ magazine: “This will be one of the Yeezy campuses, and the Yeezy Campus will have the job that our architecture team has been working on … to create spaces that allow humans to maximize our potential.”

“Literally and figuratively, we live in boxes. We leave the womb when we are born and they put us directly into the grave. ”

“They place us directly in our first square space, which is the beginning of us, going from being multidimensional and completely imaginative, to being placed on a grid.”

Those boxes are those grids. First it starts with the crib, then we go to the schools where there is a box, then we go to higher education many times and that is a box and then we end up in a job where we are working inside a box, and we do that to try to buy a crib, actually, and then, you know, we have kids and we put our kids in a crib. “

Justin and Kanye have been unlikely friends for years, as the couple are linked by a dislike shared by singer Taylor Swift, and also an affinity on a spiritual level.

In February, Justin joined Kanye at his Sunday service religious ceremony where he performed for the assembled audience.

The Canadian star’s arrival at the ranch occurs at a time when Kanye is said to ignore his wife Kim, 39.

The rap star claimed in tweets earlier in the week that he had planned to divorce Kim Kardashian, while sharing fears that his wife’s family is trying to take doctors to his ranch to “lock him up.”

His tweets have sparked concern among fans, while his wife Kim has voiced her own concern that Kanye has been suffering from an episode related to bipolar disorder.

Friends have gathered around Kanye in the past few weeks after he showed signs of struggling with his mental health.

Comedian Dave Chappelle also joined the music star at his ranch, and the musician called him a “god sent and a true friend” after he came to visit him on Tuesday.