Justin Bieber is back: the first clip of the singer after leaving the stage


25-year-old Justin Bieber ( Justin Bieber) delighted fans of the first song in many months. Together with the 28-year-old singer Ed Shirane ( Ed Sheeran) provided by the clip , full of strange and funny scenes.

Justin and Ed announced joint work two weeks ago. Then they published a joint photo , taken against a green screen – chromakey.

Later, the musicians presented their single I Don’t Care and promised to soon show a clip on it. Fans of the Canadian and British singers wondered , that they will see. Many of them hoped for special effects and an unforgettable spectacle.

The video really turned out to be unforgettable. It is purposely done clumsily and erratically. And the costumes of artists add absurdities. For three minutes, Bieber managed to go corn , ice cream , bear , cowboy and change a few more images. Ed Sheeran also tried on many different roles. In one of the frames, he even became Justin’s bride.

This insanity has an explanation. It opens at the very end of the video: it turns out that the clip was created by the lyric heroine of the song using a home computer.