Justin Bieber, favorite singer of psychopaths? The question can be laughing, but it is the result revealed by a study that was discussed at a conference organized by the Society of Neuroscience of Washington, in which 30,000 participants took part.

According to the very serious Washington Post, Pascal Wallisch and Nicole Leal, two researchers in psychology at New York University, explained during this conference that he had evaluated the degree of psychopathy of 190 people. They then asked these 190 people to rank their favorite music.

They then linked the results obtained for the psychopathy test with those obtained with the musical tests.

Some major trends were then drawn, and the conclusion is clear: Justin Bieber is in a very good place in the heart of psychopaths! His song “What Do you Mean ” would be particularly appreciated …

The first place is however not his property since the song of Justin Bieber would be preceded by that of Eminem, ” Lose Yourself” and that of Blackstreet “No Diggity”.

The researchers nevertheless assured during their colloquium that “further research is needed “, particularly because of the small number of people subject to the questionnaires.