Justice League writer Chris Terrio blows film’s theatrical cut

Zack Snyder has taken his fair share of criticism from DC fans since he started bringing their favorite superheroes to the big screen. However, Chris Terrio didn’t do much better. Oscar-winning screenwriter Ben Affleck Argo has also been castigated for his work on the scripts for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Justice League theatrical cut . But according to Terrio, the backlash is not deserved. In a high-profile new interview with Vanity Fair, Terrio reflected on his time in DC’s sandbox, starting with his rewrite work on BvS .

As Terrio puts it, Affleck was initially “reluctant” to play the Dark Knight in Batman vs. Superman . So, to allay his doubts, Warner Bros. Argo scribe to switch to the script. Terrio claims that by the time he stepped aboard, Batman’s murderous vendetta against Superman was considered “non-negotiable.” With this, he tried to create a version of the character that made his actions more understandable. Sadly, fans couldn’t see the full extent of his efforts in the theatrical version. Terrio blames the negative reception of the film on the cuts made by the studio. These scenes were then restored in BvS ‘”Ultimate Edition.” 

“I was proud of the script when I finished it,” Terrio said. “But it turns out that when you take away the 30 minutes that motivate the characters in climax, the movie just doesn’t work. As we’ve learned from both versions of Justice League , you can’t just jump on the character and think the audience is going to give a damn about VFX. “

Additionally, Terrio promised that the movie Dawn of Justice the subtitle was not his idea: “I heard it and thought, it just sounds important and crazy in a way,” he said. said Terrio. “Deaf. The intention of the film was to do something interesting, dark and complex. Not quite like Las Vegas, bust them out, WWE match like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ” 

Despite his experience on Batman vs. Superman , Terrio agreed to return for Justice League . But things took a different turn after Joss Whedon took over the project. In fact, Terrio was so disheartened by the finished film that he tried to get his name removed from the credits, but it was a logistical impossibility.

“Prints had been hit before or hard drives burned or how they deliver movies these days,” Terrio explained. “The elements were on their way, and to get my name removed they would have had to re-prime the prints or remake the digital copies, and the film could be delayed. It would be an international scandal and a report. So I shut up and didn’t say anything publicly. I haven’t said anything about Justice League since, but the movie doesn’t represent my work. “

“The 2017 theatrical cut was an act of vandalism,” Terrio added. “Zack might be too gentlemanly to say that, but I’m not.