The duration of a film is extremely important. It may sound stupid said like that, but in a media where everything is also a question of rhythm, it was quickly to end up with a too long, or too short.

And when we talk about the duration of a movie, weirdly, we think of all those blockbusters who can not tell their story in less than 2:30, and especially the movies of superheroes. A somewhat annoying trend, especially since, given what they have to say most of the time, they could very well do it with a few tens of minutes less.

In short, the superhero movies are mostly too long time for not much more in the end and we would like that the trend began to reverse slightly, although Thor: Ragnarok still displays 2:10 on the clock, we thinks it’s already a first step. But DC seem to take the body arm problem since, if we believe the releases of the two main channels of American cinema, AMC and Regal, Justice League  should not exceed 2 hours, including generic.

This contradicts the rumor that circulated at the end of March, concerning a duration of 3 hours that one would have thought more justified considering all that the film must do for the future. Indeed, even if the script has experienced several adjustments, especially since the arrival of Joss Whedon, turning Darkseid for example, Justice Leaguemust nevertheless present us correctly three new characters, as well as launching tracks for the next films of the DCU while telling us a proper story. And in two hours, we do not see how that is possible. That said, it’s impossible to draw any conclusion before seeing it. Perhaps Whedon has achieved a storytelling tour de force from the work done by Zack Snyder, maybe the film will find its balance well and it will surprise us all. Or maybe not elsewhere, a verdict on November 15th.

Anyway, what is certain is that this mode of ultra-long films is obviously being compressed, which in itself is excellent news.