It is this Wednesday, November 15 that Justice League will land at the cinema. And to believe the actors (Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill and Ray Fisher), while Wonder Woman will be the only woman of the team this year, she could be joined by new superheroes in the sequel.

While Wonder Woman has given all fans of DC comics a smile thanks to Patty Jenkins’ refreshing cinematic adaptation, Gal Gadot’s amazon will unfortunately still be the only super-heroine on screen in Justice League.which will be released on November 15 in theaters. A situation deemed disappointing by the public and actors and could evolve from the production of Justice League 2.

Soon more women in Justice League?

Indeed, if the result is not yet officially confirmed, the actors entrusted us during an interview organized in London to be ready to welcome new heads. So, when we pointed out to them that there were not enough women in the Team, Ray Fisher (Cyborg) did not hesitate to declare: ” It’s completely true, I’d like to see Hawkgirl “, while Ben Affleck (Batman) turned directly to the original material: ” Yes it’s true, and Black Canary is great, there are several cool women who are part of the Justice League in comics and there is obviously room to improve and extend all that. “

Quickly confirmed by Henry Cavill (Superman) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman) who listed the super-heroines they would like to meet next time: ” There’s Batgirl, Powergirl, Supergirl … Even Green Lantern. There is a lot. ” It remains to be seen if Warner Bros and DC will hear their messages.