Ray Fisher is at odds with Warner Bros. The actor claims that the film studio did not take seriously his complaints about the 2017 set of Justice League. Warner Bros. claims, however, that Fisher refused to cooperate with an independent investigation. Fisher therefore continues to throw the mud and opens a book.

Fisher believes that director Joss Whedon and producers Jon Berg and Geoff Johns would have misbehaved towards him on the set of the film. The 35-year-old actor would also have been dissatisfied with the storyline of his character Cyborg in the film. When he came up with suggestions, however, they were not heard, Fisher claims.

After the actor complained about this to Warner Bros., the film studio suggested that a third party conduct an independent investigation. However, according to the studio, the actor would not have been willing to cooperate.

Warner Bros. states in an official statement read on Deadline that Fisher repeatedly refused to cooperate with the investigation. “The investigator has tried to meet with Mr. Fisher several times to discuss his concerns, but to date Mr. Fisher has declined to speak to the investigator.”

Fisher, in turn, has responded to the allegations via Twitter. The actor claims that he did speak to the investigator and that Warner Bros. tries to discredit him in order to protect “people in power”. WarnerBros. Escalate this conflict to a whole new level, but I’m ready for the fight, ”he concluded his tweet.

Fisher was originally supposed to re-appear as his character Cyborg in the future movie The Flash , but that role now seems uncertain.