The former  Empire actor  Jussie Smollett is being sued again because of the one-year-long hate crime he himself staged. Smollett would have been covered with bleach. Two men also put a sling around his neck, the actor said.

Smollett is being charged on six points, prosecutor Dan Webb said. The fact that he would have lied to the Chicago police is seriously charged, Page Six writes.

According to Webb, Smollett completely assembled the case and made it appear as if he had been attacked. In addition, according to the prosecutor, the actor would have made several false statements about a criminal offense that did not occur at all.

At the time, 37-year-old Smollett declared to the police that he was attacked as a black gay man by two men who spoke homophobic and racist language. Ultimately, evidence pointed to a preconceived plan: Smollett would have paid the two men $ 3,500.

In March 2019, earlier charges against the actor were dismissed and he “only” had to pay $ 10,000 to the city of Chicago for all the unnecessary work that relief workers and agents had done. He also had to carry out community service. 

Prosecutor Webb was appointed to re-examine the case, which is due on February 24. In the worst case, Smollett goes to jail between 1 and 3 years if he is found guilty.