It was during a special screening of the third installment of the new version of Jurassic World in Hollywood that director Connor Trevorrow unveiled the good news accompanied by none other than the actress Laura Dern who played the role of Ellie Sattler in first Jurassic Park movies . The latter could not contain her excitement any more, she kept the secret for a while, so she was happy to be able to confirm the return of her compatriots Sam Neil and Jeff Goldblum in their respective characters Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm. We want to emphasize the funny moment when the actress says she loves dinosaurs!

With the announcement of a new film for Jurassic World , many rumors about the return of the original trio were going well since the second volume ended with the presence of Jeff Goldblum after a dinosaur auction has gone terribly wrong and that vertebrates be released into our world. The actress Bryce Dallas Howard , who is part of the distribution of new movies with the handsome Chris Pratt , has continued to fuel the rumors during his visit to a red carpet . She can now shout the news on all roofs, just like us!

For the plot, it remains a mystery, although the trio may come back to help resolve this most precarious situation!

Jurassic World 3 should normally land on movie screens on June 11, 2021!