Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle was a surprise shot that held its own against Star Warswhen it came out a few years ago. Now, the two power plants will still fight at the box office. We have our first look at what Jumanji will bring to us, and it looks hilarious. Check out the first trailer for Jumanji: the next level .

Our trailer opens with the new character portrayed by Danny DeVito as teenager Spencer. It was Spencer who apparently decided to go back and try to repair the Jumanji video game he had destroyed with his friends at the end of the previous movie. Fearing that Spencer entered the game, his friends follow him, but this time, things get a little messy.

The avatars change a bit, because the character previously played by Spencer, who looks like The Rock, is now Danny DeVito, who seems to have been accidentally sucked into the game with the kids. Danny Glover, who also lives with DeVito, is now Kevin Hart. Children are not safe either, because Mouse has gone from the avatar of Kevin Hart to become Jack Black.

Needless to say, watching Dwayne Johnson do his best, Danny DeVito feels like it will be a gold comedy. Although Kevin Hart in Danny Glover may be even more funny after this trailer.

This is a great way to change the “game” and prevent the movie from becoming obsolete. If we have just seen video game avatars act in the same way as we did in Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle , then there is less that gives the following a feeling of freshness or having any reason to exist. By moving the characters a little, you create a new comedy.

Karen Gillan had hinted at some sort of change in the main cast, now we know exactly what she’s talking about.

Of course, this trailer raises some questions. The characters of Spencer and Bethany are absent in the fight. Spencer’s search seems to be the film’s main plot, but we do not know how he got into the game. Bethany entered the game with everyone but does not seem to be part of this group. Where has she gone?

Jefferson “Seaplane” McDonough, played by Nick Jonas, was introduced in the previous movie. As in the previous movie, it seems that he is not part of the original group. There is a good chance that one of the two missing characters plays this role, but we still have an extra human who has entered the game, but we also have avatars, assuming that Spencer is actually in the game, well sure. Does the game create a new character? Is one of Jumanji’s children himself? We will have to wait and see.

Jumanji: the next level must open on December 13th.