Julie Andrews has been cast for a role in the superhero movie Aquaman. The star from the film classics The Sound Of Music and Mary Poppins is the voice actress of the mythical zealand Karathen.

“We wanted Karathen to have the voice of a classic British actress, although the voice is somewhat digitally distorted,” says producer Peter Safran to the American magazine Entertainment Weekly . “We found out that Julie was enthusiastic and available, and her casting was a no-brainer,” Safran continues.

Aquaman tells the story of Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) who is heir to Atlantis and has to prove himself as a great leader. The film will be released on December 21st.


Two days earlier, the release of Mary Poppins Returns takes place, the official sequel to the original Mary Poppins film from 1964 with Julie Andrews in the lead. Andrews was clear about the continuation of the Mary Poppins film: she fully supports it, but does not want to play in the film to distract the attention of lead actress Emily Blunt.