In 2020, the Walk of Fame will be replenished with a number of new stars with big names.

A few hours ago, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced a new list of nominees for nominal stars on the Walk of Fame, located on Hollywood Boulevard. Among those honored this year were Cindy Crawford, actresses Julia Roberts, Octavia Spencer, actors Chris Hemsworth, Mahershala Ali, Lawrence Fishburne, director Spike Lee, TV presenter Wendy Williams, musicians Billie Idall, 50 Cent, Elvis Costello and many others.When exactly each of them will have a solemn opening ceremony of the star, it is not reported – the schedule will be made closer to 2020.

List of winners:


Mahrschala Ali 
Ruth Carter 
Lawrence Fishburne 
Chris Hemsworth 
Spike Lee 
Julia Roberts 
Octavia Spencer 
Lina Wertmuller


Christine Applegate 
Andy Cohen 
Cindy Crawford 
Terry Crews 
Harry Friedman 
Katy Lee Gifford 
Nigel Lytgo 
Milo Ventimiglia 
Burt Ward 
Wendy Williams