Julia Louis-Dreyfus broadcast a video of her children celebrating the last day of her cancer treatment.

 Actress rewarded for her role in the Veep series, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, has been battling cancer for several months. The actress regularly gives news of her health through her social networks, ensuring for example last October that she had ” the eye of the tiger “, and that it would soon be possible to ” hear roar “.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus gave a news story on January 11 by posting a video in which her two sons offer him a tribute, all in humor.

Entitled ” The Last Day of Mom’s Chemo! Beat It With Love, Henry and Charlie “, the video shows Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s two children playing Michael Jackson Beat It’s song again.


Obviously, the attention was very touching the actress who explained in caption: ” My beautiful boys Henry and Charlie did that for me today, my last day of chemotherapy.” Cute, is not it? they not adorable?

The actress, who has finished his treatment, has not gone further in the revelations about his state of health. She does not miss the opportunity to be smiling and relaxed on Instagram, where she regularly publishes photos and videos, often on the tone of humor, as she did for the new year.


Goodbye 2017. Go fuck yourself. #happynewyear

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Hoping that 2018 brings him good news.