A Los Angeles judge has ruled that a separate lawsuit must be filed to determine whether Jamie Spears, the father of Britney (40), was actually guilty of installing listening devices in her home while she was still under his supervision. was standing. In addition, the singer, together with her legal team, wants to find out how much money her father has funneled away during the curatorship. This reports ‘Page Six’.

Mathew Rosengart, Britney’s attorney, is eager to find out down to the last cent what has been taken of Britney’s assets by her father and how much has been passed on to family members or business associates. Jamie’s lawyer Alex Weingarten told the judge: “This never happened. Not the wiretapping and not taking the money, it’s nonsense.”

Mathew has been working extremely hard since his appointment to regain Britney’s power and control, as well as to crack down on the people who have kept her under control over the past 13 years. The lawyer already fulfilled that promise on the day in November that the judge ruled that Britney had been acquitted of her trusteeship.

In the documentary that The New York Times recently made about Britney, an ex-security guard claimed to have installed listening devices in Britney’s house, even in her bedroom, on behalf of Jamie Spears and his immediate boss. This allowed Father Jamie to hear exactly what she was saying to whom and at what time.

This ‘mini-lawsuit’ will take place in July and will last a number of days, according to the judge.