Johnny Depp recently starred in an ad for Sauvage perfume from the French brand Dior. True, viewers saw only the teaser of the short film, the creators decided not to publish the full version after mass criticism of them.

The public accused the fashion house of racism and exploitation of Native American culture. The video captures a dancing Indian in a national costume, and the name of the fragrance Sauvage can be translated as “savage”. Dissatisfied people got the impression that the indigenous peoples of North America were simply taunted, imagining their life the way it was many decades ago. However, Dior Ambassador Johnny Depp strongly disagrees with this assumption and defended the brand.

The film was shot with great respect not only to the indigenous peoples of America, but also to the whole world. It is unfortunate that people hastened to criticize him. But this is their legal right. I assure you that no one has used anyone. The film was shot with great love for the Indians in order to shed light on their lives. We will definitely come to an agreement so that everyone is happy,

Depp said in an interview with THR.

It is noteworthy that one of the claims to the promotional video was that Depp portrayed an Indian in it, although he himself is not. But this is not so, a few years ago the actor became an honorary member of the Comanche tribe and even received the Indian name Ma Wu Mei – “werewolf”. In addition, the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” has repeatedly said that among his ancestors are Indians from the Cherokee tribe and the cry.