Johnny Depp has released a new allegation toward the address of his ex Amber Heard. According to The Blast , the actor claims that the actress put a cigarette in his face, which he substantiates with a photo showing the wound.

The allegation is in addition to the support of its case against the British newspaper The Sun. In an article from April 2018, the actor is referred to as a woman abuser, and therefore he accuses the British newspaper of defamation.

Depp allegedly mistreated his ex in May 2016 by throwing a phone at her and beating her. Heard took a picture of the injuries that she would have sustained as a result.

That’s not right, according to Depp. In addition to the photo, the actor also shares new details about the fight the former couple had. He states that the argument started after Heard became furious because she heard from Depps lawyers that he wanted to draw up marital conditions.

Depp, who he said was a sober year at the time, decided to drink a glass of vodka and Heard would have thrown the bottle at him, which did not touch him. Another bottle that Heard threw would be a hit, which led to a fracture in his finger on which Depp has already mentioned.

The actress would then have expressed a cigarette on Depp’s cheek. He would then be taken to a hospital. The Blast shares the photo on Friday with Depp showing a wound on his cheek and also a bandage around his hand, made while lying on a stretcher.

Depp admits that he wrote texts on the wall “with his blood and with paint”, something Heard accused him of earlier. He would have done this in a state of shock, the actor says. He denies being under the influence of ecstasy, something Heard accused him of earlier, and Depp also says he didn’t pee in the house.

The 56-year-old Depp demands 200,000 pounds (around 230,000 euros), a compensation for his legal costs and an amount to be determined from the newspaper. He also wants The Sunto be summoned to stop accusing him of domestic violence.

In the opinion piece of The Sun , editor Dan Wootton was angry about statements by JK Rowling. The Harry Potter writer praised Depp, who plays the role of evil wizard Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts film series.

Hep (33) is also being charged by Depp. The actor demands 50 million dollars (more than 44 million euros) from her.

In the indictment Depp claims that the Aquaman actress tries to get publicity with false accusations to give her own career a boost. He also states that she attacked him correctly: “Mrs. Heard is not a victim of domestic violence; she is the instigator.”