The star of “Grease” will be on Shania Twain’s Christmas album …

Country singer Shania Twain has scheduled a recording session with John Travolta for her upcoming Christmas album. A duet of the most unexpected that was made possible by their meeting on the set of Trading Paint, the last film of the actor. But the project is still fresh as the performer of You’re Still the One entrusted in an interview on the set of the Today show (video below from 1’20 “).


“We did a movie together – actually, he invited me on his movie – and I want to make this Christmas album,” said Shania Twain. I decided that only last week. So I wrote him a message saying, “Are you going to participate in this album?” And he replied, “Of course,” Shania Twain detailed.

A questioning John Travolta

But while the holiday season is fast approaching, Shania Twain does not seem very sure of what she will sing to John Travolta.



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“It was one of his first questions,” said the singer. I told him, “We’re at the beginning of the project, I just decided I wanted to make a Christmas album!” So I do not know yet which song I will choose. It goes without saying that this album will be hard to be under the tree this year, but we will surely know more as we approach Christmas 2019!