A 21-year-old masseur filed a complaint against John Travolta for sexual harassment. This is not the first time that the actor is accused of such facts.

Would John Travolta have a bad habit of sexually harassing his masseurs? Radar Online says this November 14 that a 21-year-old masseur filed a complaint against the actor. This is not the first time he has been accused of such facts.

The US media has obtained the police report in which this masseur claims to have been harassed in a spa. The masseur explains that John Travolta touched his buttocks several times and purposely removed his towel when he massaged. Right after the end of this massage, the actor would have swayed him that he found it ” very sexy and that he had” excited “ “. The star of Grease would then have proposed to join him in the sauna where he would have proposed, naked, to show him his massage techniques. The masseur was lying on his stomach and the actor began to pass his towel between his legs. Feeling embarrassed, the man decides to leave and while would have asked him embarrassing questions about his sex life.


This is not the first time the star is accused of harassment and sexual assault on a masseur. In 2012, two masseurs complained about the inappropriate behaviour of the actor during massage sessions. The first had withdrawn his complaint a few months later.