Some fans criticize him for not denouncing the actions of Harvey Weinstein while he does not hesitate to talk about the singer of R & B …

John Legend is one of the few celebrities who have agreed to testify in Surviving R. Kelly , a documentary denouncing the sexual abuse of which the interpreter of I Believe I Can Fly is accused . Unfortunately for John Legend , many fans did not hesitate to remind him that he had not done so much for Harvey Weinstein even though he was close to him. The singer explained on Twitter.

“I took a picture and worked with Harvey on many occasions. But before his abuses are known to the rest of the world, “wrote John Legend .

The end of silence

And to add: “Weinstein has been denounced, his career is destroyed. If you want the same thing for R. Kelly, then fine! Me too “.

Recall that R. Kelly has been the subject of numerous allegations of sexual abusein recent years, but has never been convicted and has always denied the facts. With the broadcast of the documentary, the testimony of new victims could nevertheless allow justice to confuse the star of the RnB. The Illinois prosecutor, where some facts would have happened, has invited all the victims to contact her .