The Masks star thanked the former first lady for leaving.

Canadian-American actor, comedian and producer Jim Carrey decided to conduct the outgoing “worst first lady” with a brutal animated caricature that ends with the words “Thank you for nothing.”

In one of the latest publications on Twitter, the actor posted an unflattering cartoon portrait of the former first lady of the United States, in whose signature he says goodbye to her. Also in the message slipped a hint that Melania may soon become Trump’s “third ex-wife”.

Fans of the comedian reacted ambiguously to harsh criticism in the caricature, many even took the side of Melania: “It is absolutely terrible to attack the first lady who did her job gracefully and with dignity and received nothing but criticism from everyone else. It is a shame that no woman on the left protected another woman from these baseless attacks. “

The rest took the side of the new US President Joe Biden, who took over, as they considered it disrespectful that the Trump couple refused to attend the inauguration of the 46th head of state.

By the way, it is not the first time that Jim Carrey has expressed his attitude towards government officials in the form of cartoons. So, on the day of the pogrom at the Capitol, the actor shared the image of Trump, portrayed as an “evil killer clown”, and criticized him for trying to “kill the truth and use ignorance as a weapon.”