Singer Jessie J does not give up her desire to have children, despite her fertility problems, which she talked openly earlier this week during a concert in London. “I will become a mother”, writes the singer on Instagram Story. “I believe in miracles.”

“I do everything I can to make it happen in a way that my body allows”

Doctors told the singer four years ago that she could not have children. She wrote a song about it, Four Letter Word, which she performed on Wednesday at the Royal Albert Hall. After this unveiling, she received many statements of support last days, for which she is very grateful to her fans. “The love and support I received was overwhelming, thank you,” writes Jessie.

“Four years ago I was told that I should have my womb removed, which I refused, and I am now off all medications with natural medicines and a change in diet, I have not given up hope, I do everything I can to make it happen in a way that my body allows. “


The singer-songwriter writes that millions of women have to walk a difficult and emotional road before they are mothers. “That’s something we need to talk about openly, I’ve been long about being open about it, but it’s my truth, that’s why I put it in my music.”

She wants to offer others hope with her openness. “There’s a mother in us all, that inspires every day, we’re strong, time will tell.” She concludes her Intagram Story with another word of thanks. “It was scary to be so vulnerable, but it really is, I wrote the song for myself at a sad time and that helped me to turn that sadness into strength, and for all the others who are struggling with fertility problems.”