Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson was addicted to alcohol and medicine for years. The 39-year-old singer reveals this in her upcoming autobiography Open Book, of which People will probably share a taste on Wednesday.”I was killing myself with all the drinks and pills”

An important cause of her addictions was the sexual abuse she experienced as a young girl. Jessica found it hard to handle and numbed the pain for years. Her doctor was very concerned about her health. “I was killing myself with all the drinks and pills,” she writes.

In November 2017, Jessica, who is the mother of Maxwell (7), Ace (6) and Birdie (10 months), decided that it was enough and she has been sober and clean ever since. “It was easy to give up the alcohol. I was angry with the bottle. How it made me stay complacent and numb.”

The singer hopes that her candid story can help the readers. “It has been a long, arduous and emotional process that I came out with a sense of happiness, satisfaction and self-acceptance. I have turned my pain into something beautiful that hopefully can inspire people.”