Jessica Simpson’s financial resources are not going well (41). The singer has her own clothing line and it costs a lot of money. She was recently unable to pay for her food with a credit card.

“I’m on a budget, girls”

Jessica bought back her own company – which she runs with her mother – in November last year for $65 million. She sold it in 2015 to a company that went bankrupt in August 2021. Now that she has her own business again, she wants to go all out.

She has ideas for expanding the brand to more than just women’s clothing. And that costs money. “I’m emptying my bank account,” she tells the talk show The Real . “I don’t have a working credit card. That’s fine. I’ll pay with cash. Recently my credit card was declined at Taco Bell. I’m on a small budget, girls”, the blond performer screeches.

But it won’t stop her. She is fully committed to her business. “I believe in myself. And I know what I can do. Nothing can stop me and I’ll fight harder.”