In 2003, the horror “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was released. Although critics trampled the picture, viewers accepted it favorably, so the tape paid for its budget 11 times. This Thursday, starring Jessica Beale decided to recall the good old days and shared a record from her auditions with fans. Justin Timberlake was thrilled.

Guess what kind of movie. Hint: starts with Texas, ends with me on the floor,

– joked 37-year-old Bill on Instagram. On the video, the actress is about 20 years old, and her husband Justin Timberlake could not get past such a post. “God, I love you,” the singer wrote. The video was also appreciated by fans of the star itself and the horror film. “One of the best horror remakes since the beginning of the 2000s,” “I watched this film again and again,” “After this film, I began to be afraid of car travel,” users wrote.

Unlike the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jessica’s recent project, The Sinner, was highly praised by film critics and nominated for the Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award. This year, she will premiere yet another crime series Limetown, in which Bill will no longer act as a victim and a criminal, but a journalist investigating the disappearance of 300 people.