The actress and businesswoman says she is “going crazy” after attending to all the needs of her children and husband in the pandemic.

Jessica Alba is giving herself a week of vacation with a friend after confessing that she has “had enough” to attend to all the needs of her family while they were in quarantine for Covid-19.

The Fantastic Four star has desperately needed a kid-free getaway, because her three children are driving her crazy with their constant requests, and her husband, Cash Warren, has been making her a little nervous, too.

“Real talk: I told everyone in the family that I needed a break from them,” Alba revealed on the US show The Drew Barrymore Show, as she talked about how she has been dealing with being locked up at home, trying to juggle her responsibilities. personal and professional.

“Kelly (Sawyer, a close friend) and I are going away for a week, and I don’t really know what we’re getting into, I just know that I can’t be with my family anymore, because I’ve literally had enough! “

Alba reveals that her daughters Honor, 12, and Haven, 9, always require her help or advice, rather than occasionally turning to their father, who retreats to his man cave whenever she needs a break to calm down.

“Every time they ask, ‘Mom, can I download this app? Mom, can I use Facetime? Mom, I’m hungry “and” Is this outfit okay? You can help? “I tell them,” I’m on a Zoom call! “Do not talk to me! Talk to your dad! “

“And then I start scolding…, and I’m that person, and they say, ‘Mom, your tone! You are so bad! ‘And Cash was like,’ I guess I’m going back to my men’s room! ‘I said,’ What else is new? Just disappearing so I can take care of everything! “

“So yeah, it was fun! Very funny! ”He added sarcastically.

In addition to her two daughters, Alba, who runs the home and baby goods brand The Honest Company, is also the mother of Hayes, a two-year-old son.