Even an army of fans and loud titles do not protect actors from falling into anti-ratings. GoCompare conducted a study to find out which star has the most failures in its track record. According to the analysis, the ranking of the worst actors of the last 20 years was headed by Jessica Alba and Mike Epps.

Judging by the estimates on the Metacritic portal and IMDb, which the researchers compared with, only 5% of her works from Jessica Alba’s filmography have received positive reviews. Most of her films turned out to be a failure, which is why she became the leader of anti-rating. Jessica Bill (“The Illusionist”), Heather Graham (“Freaking California”), Rada Mitchell (“Anger”) and Katie Bates (“Misery”) were also among the top five worst actresses.

Among men, the first place was taken by Mike Epps (“Bachelor Party in Vegas”). American comedian starred in 70 different projects, most of which did not receive a rating above 6 out of 10 points. He is followed by Kevin Pollack (“Suspicious Persons”), Josh Duhamel (“Transformers”), Gerard Butler (“The Ugly Truth”) and, surprisingly, Robin Williams (“Clever Will Hunting”).

As the Oscar-winning actor could get into the list of the worst, it’s hard to imagine. But Williams starred in hundreds of movies and TV shows, and GoCompare’s rating relies solely on numbers, so you can hardly assume that this list diminishes the talent of the actors listed.