The scope of activity of 50-year-old Jennifer Lopez is not limited only to music or cinema. The star has been producing perfumes under its own brand for 17 years. A couple of months ago, the singer presented a new fragrance, the perfume Promise, and the other day she starred in their advertising campaign.

In the pictures, Lopez appeared in a golden dress, embroidered with sequins, with an open back and a large cut – outfits of this style are very popular with the star.

Many years ago, the famous American entrepreneur Warren Buffett suggested the idea of ​​the name of new perfumes Lopez, saying that her brand is a kind of promise to her fans (promise in English means “promise”). As Jennifer admitted, for herself behind this promise are the women in her family: Guadalupe’s mother, sisters Linda and Leslie, and daughter Emma, ​​who “give her strength” and make her “continue to move forward.”

The strength that I see in each of them every day is what keeps me afloat,

– admitted Lopez.

Lopez has repeatedly said that the family always comes first for her, and her most important role in life is to be the mother of two children (she brings up 11-year-old Max and Emma).

My children are always in the first place for me. Maybe I spend more time on the plane than I need, or I fly at night, but it’s very important to be with them and watch them grow,

– said the star.