The beach house that Jennifer Lopez (51) and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez have put up for sale on various real estate websites in recent months has sold for a much lower price than the couple hoped for. Originally, Jennifer and Alex asked about $ 7.5 million for the villa, which is located directly on Malibu Beach, but the couple eventually had to settle for “just” $ 5.6 million. This reports ‘TMZ’.

Originally, the power couple had bought the house to have it completely renovated by well-known American stylist Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip Gaines. Recordings have even been made at the house for the interior designers’ new television channel. But no matter how pleasant that was, the party will ultimately be canceled.

The beach house was meant to be Jennifer and Alex’s permanent home, but with all their new business projects, the two prefer to stay on the East Coast of the United States.