At age 50, Jennifer Lopez has it all: success, beauty, family, love and more. But out of all, she said “The View” that learning to be “all on my own” is one of the most important things she has acquired in life.

On Thursday, “Jenny of the Bloc” spoke openly about what she has learned since her first film, “Selena,” has dropped more than 25 years.

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Lopez said, “The journey of becoming everything on my own” was his most precious lesson in life and that made him discover true happiness.

“I always thought that I was going to find happiness and love, and that another person would give only to me, and then I realized that this is not the way he is at all Said Lopez. “You actually get to be happy by yourself. If you can not appreciate yourself and know your value, your value, that you can be a happy person. “

ABC Jennifer Lopez plays “The J. LoDown” game with “The Sight” co-hosts of Whoopi Goldberg, Abby Huntsman, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Meghan McCain, Sept. 12, 2019.

instead of consuming yourself with worries about others’ opinions or waiting on someone else to validate your value and create joy for you, to create your own positive self and fulfillment, said Lopez.

” I am happy. I have a good life. I am a good person. I live in a good way. … I have a lot of friends and I can call someone and go anywhere and do anything. … I am healthy. I have beautiful children, “said Lopez. “These things are really the most important things. “

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Lopez returns to the big screen on Friday, where she stars in “Les Débrouillards”, a film she produces. The superstar also recently finished his summer’s “It’s My Party” touring in anticipation of his 50th birthday milestone on July 24th. Lopez said she wanted to go around because she “thought it would be a fun way to celebrate a big birthday,” but she said “the liquidation to do something else. “

“It’s there for everyone that it’s like, it’s nothing shameful,” said Lopez. “Women did not write at a certain time. … it’s up to you, I’d like it better every day. “

Lopez and his fiancé Alex Rodriguez do the official things on a beach vacation in March. Although the power couple did not give too much detail about their marriage, Rodriguez dropped a hint on Tuesday during an appearance on “Strahan, Sara & Kéké” at the wedding venue, saying, “That is going to be a long trip by plane. “

On “The View,” Thursday Lopez also talked about potential sites, saying, “We’re talking about different places that mean something to us, but we’ll see. “

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