50-year-old Jennifer Lopez took part in a new photo shoot. The star tried on a brutal image in leather outfits.

The actress became the face of the cover of GQ magazine. The singer tried on a daring style of dress and boasted a sports figure. The American star wore a black tight leather dress with a corset-shaped top and no straps. Lopez made wet styling and restrained makeup in warm colors. Jennifer added the image of femininity , wearing a gold necklace and a pair of diamond engagement rings.

Lopez admitted , that its role in the recent film ” strippers” to get a successful , because the star has worked on the film for free. “I did not receive a cent for the role. And I produced the picture , without knowing for sure , “shoot” or not. There’s no special heroism , but I have this experience once again to make sure , that the favorite thing always becomes successful. I was not filming for a fee , but with a warm heart, “said Jennifer.

The actress continued rocker style in another shot , trying on a mini-top and tight-fitting leather pants with a low waist. The pumped star press is clearly visible in the frame. Lopez does not hide the fact that every year she has to spend more and more time in the gym , but the result is worth it.

“ If I want to do my job well , I need strength for this. No magic pill exists. Moreover , I believe , that with age in women have a special charm , it continues to flourish “- the star shared.

The singer commented on her future performance in the Super Bowl , where she will appear on stage with Shakira. “I think , that it’s an amazing platform , which we must use wisely. The performance of two Latinos is an important message, ”said Jay Law.

The performer revealed the details of her relationship with her fiancé , American baseball player Alex Rodriguez. In the near future, lovers intend to get married. Lopez admitted , than it was able to win her athlete.
“ We are very similar to him. He is an athlete and always strives to be a champion in his sport. I am also ambitious and strive to be the best in my field. Plus, we both value each other’s business qualities. Alex studied at a business school , he is all very interested. When we just started dating , and I told him about my line of clothes , perfume , he asked: “Wait , how much have you earned? It seems to me , I have a chance to make your business even better. ” These are respectful partnerships. He knows , I’m always on his side , and I know , that I can trust him, “- open up Lopez.

The singer became close and with the children of Rodriguez from his previous marriage. Today, the daughter of a baseball player , Natasha , is celebrating her 15th birthday . Jennifer touchingly congratulated her stepdaughter on her important day. In a joint picture, Lopez hugs Natasha to her , and the girl responds with a mutual hug.

“ I wish my beloved teenager a happy celebration of his 15th birthday. Continued to cover his inner light of those people , who surround you in life. I love you, ”the singer wrote under the photograph.