The 50-year-old singer and actress was released in a spectacular outfit. Seductive Jennifer Lopez ( Jennifer Lopez) relentlessly accompanied Alex Rodriguez.

Famous Hollywood beauty has proved , that it is still at the top of glamor on stage and beyond. Jay Law was spotted on a walk in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. She looked luxurious in a brown dress with a high neck and a snake-skin print.

An extremely short outfit emphasized all the virtues of her sexy figure. The dress was ideally suited to the famous bends of the star of the film “ Strippers”. A striking accent was made by the spectacular combined leather and suede boots above the knees and stiletto heels.

The actress and singer lost her hair and did daytime makeup. Her look was completed by sunglasses , a small elegant handbag , gold hula hoops , a massive ring and a leather bracelet.

Alex Rodriguez chose an exemplary corporate identity. He appeared in a snow-white shirt , a dark blue suit and a scarlet tie. The former baseball player was carrying a voluminous leather bag. He gently held the actress by the hand and carefully helped while walking up the stairs. By the form of Alex to be seen , he proudly walks beside a beauty-bride.

The stars didn’t just go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner. They held business negotiations. Groom Jennifer Lopez can already be considered her personal agent. Rodriguez almost relentlessly accompanies beloved and at social events , and serious games.

Jay Law and Alex are planning a wedding. For the Hollywood beauty, she will be the fourth. Lopez said , that the first two of her marriage , to waiter Odzhani Noa and dancer Cris Judd , are not considered , as they were fleeting , reports the Daily Mail Address . Only a family union with singer Mark Anthony , with whom the star lived for 6 years and from whom she gave birth to two children , does she acknowledge as real.

Jennifer admitted that she dreams of a luxurious wedding and wedding in the church with Alex. The athlete made her an offer in March last year. He gave her a fifth engagement ring. Three of them were from her husbands , the fourth was presented to her by the bridegroom Ben Affleck , with whom they never reached the altar.