Jennifer Lopez

At 52, Jennifer Lopez displays a figure and a perfect complexion. The years pass but the star is still as radiant. She revealed her secret in a video on Instagram.

Currently starring in the film Marry Me , Jennifer Lopez has chained shootings, magazine covers and previews. At each of his public appearances, the star caused a sensation. In addition to being an icon in the world of music, she is also one in terms of fashion and in the world of well-being. The star is addicted to the sport and it shows. She displays a dream figure and concrete abs. She does not hesitate to share her sports sessions on Instagram in order to motivate her community.

At 52, she also dares to reveal herself without an ounce of makeup on the canvas. This March 8, 2022, Jennifer Lopez shared a video of her natural on her profile. We thus discover her with a perfect complexion, without wrinkles and a luminous face. The star took the opportunity to reveal her secret to her fans: the JLo Glow Serum . A product she launched through her beauty brand JLo Beauty . In this video, she explains:“I have to tell you my secret, when I’m filming I’m tired and my skin isn’t on top, so I apply my serum every day. And I woke up this morning and I was like ‘wow you look beautiful’, I mean, beautiful to me, and I thought I had to let you in on my secret. Look at my skin! It is bright, brilliant. It’s going to be a good day, I’m ready for the cameras.”

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