Jennifer Lawrence goes public! The 29-year-old Oscar winner admitted to having a private social media account in the past, but earlier this week went public on her own verified Twitter platform.

Lawrence is using his new account, @JLawrence_RepUs , who tweeted for the first time on Tuesday, to denounce racial injustice, actively supporting the Represent Us organization .

Lawrence has a position on the board of directors for Represent Us. Other famous board members include actor Ed Helms and screenwriter and director The Big Short Adam McKay. The organization is dedicated to “continuing federal reform” in connection with the elections.

In his first tweet, Lawrence shared a Represent Us video starring Omar Epps discussing the high percentage of black men incarcerated in America.

On March 13, Taylor was killed by police in the Louisville metro . She and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker were in their own home when the police raided the wrong address at night looking for someone who had been taken into custody a few hours earlier. Taylor was shot eight times. She was 26 years old.