Although the relationship of Brad Pitt (56) and Jennifer Aniston (50) already broke up in 2004, the ‘Friends’ actress still seems to have fond memories of it. It’s no secret that the two have gotten back together, but it’s striking to say the least that Aniston still wears the engagement ring she got from Pitt. In 1999.

When Jennifer Aniston became engaged to Brad Pitt in 1999, she was given a ring worth $ 500,000 ($ 462,000). A unique ring, because Brad had it specially designed for Jen by Silvia Damiani. The piece of jewelry was based on a pair of earrings that she received earlier. The design then became incredibly popular and even replicas were sold. 

Whoever thought Aniston kindly returned the ring to Brad after their breakup is wrong. Some observant American news sites caught Jennifer’s hand at this year’s SAG Awards. There the famous exes bumped into each other behind the scenes, a much discussed moment. Now it turns out that the actress was wearing the engagement ring during that time. This sparks rumors that the two are now more than friends.

Whatever the case, the two famous exes again match very well, is a fact. After their much-discussed breakup in 2004, when Brad left Jennifer for Angelina Jolie, they both managed to leave the past behind. The two single stars can even pass through the same door again. “She’s a great friend,” said Brad on the red carpet of the Golden Globes. And he was a prominent invitee to Jennifer’s 50th birthday party.