In an emotional post on Instagram, Jennifer Aniston, 51, has opened a booklet about her close friend Kevin, who has struggled for life in recent months after becoming infected with the corona virus. The actress posted a photo of Kevin in his hospital bed, on which he is lying on a ventilator.

“We want to overcome this virus, right?”

“This is our friend Kevin, who was completely healthy and didn’t have any underlying medical problems. This is COVID-19, this is real. We can’t afford to think “this just goes away”. We want to overcome this virus, right? One thing we can all do is wear a face mask, please, “said Jennifer.

“Think about all those people who have already suffered so much from this virus. Do it for your family and especially do it for yourself. The coronavirus affects us all, regardless of your age. ”

Things are now going better with Kevin, who is also a good friend of Courteney Cox, Aniston said. “This photo was taken in early April. Thank goodness he’s almost better now. Thank you very much for all the support and prayers. “

At the end of June, the Friends actress also called on her millions of followers to wear a mask. “I understand that mouth masks are uncomfortable and unpleasant. But don’t you think it is much worse that so many things have to shut their doors, people become unemployed and medical workers have to work their way around? So many people have died because we were there can’t do enough about it. “