This month, the western tabloid New Idea spread a rumor that the Pyshka star Jennifer Aniston spent about a million dollars on a whole range of cosmetic procedures, including laser lipolysis and body lifting. Perhaps because of the recent impressive photo session of the 50-year-old actress, many suspected that she could not do without plastics, but representatives of the star denied such speculation.

According to anonymous sources of the New Idea publication, over the past few months, Jennifer Aniston decided on several costly non-surgical procedures to eliminate excess weight, tighten the skin, and also resorted to using fillers and Botox. Insiders assured that the actress was thus trying to regain her appearance twenty years ago. Representatives of Aniston told Gossip Cop that such rumors and assumptions are nothing more than fiction.

Only recently, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Jennifer admitted that now she is busy only with working projects and is not looking for romantic relationships. The actress confidently stated that she was not a fan of plastic surgery and needed only enough water and sleep to make her skin look beautiful. “People are imprudent. I look around and see how bad a bad specialist or a bad procedure can hurt, ”Aniston said. Part of the money from the declared million, according to insiders, went to an actress breast lift, but she herself said something else: “This is all mine, I have not changed anything. I’m really pleased with what God gave me. ”