Jennifer Aniston, 51, is gearing up for a comeback as the beloved Alex Levy on The Morning Show. The continuation of the successful project will be released on Apple TV this year.

Fans of the series have been waiting for the results of filming for more than a year, suspended for some time due to the pandemic .

The plot of the serial film by Jay Carson is based on revealing the secrets of the behind the scenes of television journalism and is peppered with the drama of the characters’ personal relationships. In the teaser, you can admire the heroine Jennifer Aniston, who, with her trademark gaze, watches the falling sparkling snow.

The American actress, winner of many film awards, shared participation in this series with another star, 45-year-old Reese Witherspoon . Fans of the project will remember her for the role of Bradley Jackson. A fleeting image of Reese’s heroine can also be seen in the teaser of the picture. Bradley is lying on the made bed, her gaze brooding at the ceiling.

There is one more episode presented in the teaser. Alex’s husband Jason – played by actor Jack Davenport – says to Alex, “I’m asking you to come back to me,” which intrigues the viewer and makes them ponder a potential reunion for the couple.

Apple TV posted the teaser on its official Twitter account. The airing date for the second season of The Morning Show has yet to be announced, but the drama is expected to air in fall 2021.