The planned premiere of the series “Morning Show”, where the actresses played the main roles, became the news feed for the shooting.

In August, Apple released the trailer for the Morning Show series, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. On the network, the project has already been dubbed one of the most anticipated this fall . Meanwhile, actresses are stirring up public interest. So, colleagues on the set became the heroines of the cover of the American edition of Entertainment Weekly. In an article on the new series, the author calls The Morning Show the triumphant return of Jennifer Aniston to television screens after the conclusion of the series Friends, in 2004.

“There is something reliable, indestructible in the morning shows. They are an integral part of American culture, ”says Reese Witherspoon in an interview. 

We look forward to the premiere of the series, and fans in the comments below the Instagram photos already call Jennifer and Reese sisters.