For the first time in seven years, the list of richest hip-hop artists is led by someone other than Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. According to the Forbes business magazine, Jay-Z is now in first place.


According to Forbes, the capital of Jay-Z is estimated at 900 million dollars (more than 733 million euros). Last year, the husband of singer Beyoncé (the best-earning female artist) was in second place with an equity of 810 million dollars.

The magazine reports that the ability of Jay-Z has grown due to the increasing value of the champagne and brandy that the artist has released. Also the value of his record label Roc Nation and streaming service Tidal would have increased.


Diddy led the list for six years, but has now dropped to a second place and according to the magazine, it would have 825 million dollars (more than 672 million euros).

The third place in the list of richest hip-hop artists is occupied by Dr. Dre, with a capital of 770 million dollars (627 million euros). The top three artists with these abilities are not only the richest hip-hop artists, but also count as the most wealthy people in the entire music industry. 

Drake and Eminem conclude the top five: according to Forbes they would each have $ 100 million (over € 81 million).