Loading Mr. Carter claims that the books are exchanged using his affinity and brand, as well as a copyright infringement on the lyrics of his single “99 Problems”.

The song covers a range of topics, including American lessons, and tells the story of Mr. Carter’s detention by the police.

The song includes a hook: “If you have problems with a girl, I feel bad because of you, my son / I have ninety-nine problems, but the bitch is not alone.”

The back of AB to Jay-Z contains a quote that says, “If you have problems with the alphabet, I feel bad about your son, I have 99 problems, but my ABCs are not alone.”

Back cover of the book “AB to Jay Z.”
Credit: Court Records, Victoria Federal Court.

In a lawsuit, King & Wood Mallesons, legal representatives of Mr. Carter, indicated that he had asked the company to stop selling products in March 2018; despite the correspondence exchanged between the two parties, the situation was not resolved.

The case also refers to Jessica Tyhu, sole director of The Little Homie, personally as a defendant.

Mr. Carter’s lawyers stated that he would not be fully aware of the situation and the corresponding losses until the full disclosure is complete.Businesses continued to “consciously and consciously” use their image and words in a “flagrant, flagrant” manner, as they say.

The use of Jay-Z’s name, image and wording was “designed to damage Mr. Carter’s reputation and goodwill, as well as to maintain his reputation,” he said. pursuit.

Little Homie is currently advertising Black Friday sales on social media and lists AB Jay-Z and the eponymous coloring book for $ 17.50. Other names include 50 first words with 50 cents.

Mr. Carter Australian lawyers awarded Sydney Morning Herald as well Age Mr. Carter’s legal representatives in the United States who were contacted for comments.

The Little Homie did not respond to many requests for comment on Tuesday. The retailer has not yet filed a defense.The case is to be decided on December 6th at Middleton Court.