In a long interview, Jay-Z returned to his infidelity. The rapper explained how he managed to save his relationship with Beyoncé.

 The couple problems are behind them today and Jay-Z can therefore deliver without restraint his feelings on a very dark period that he lived with Beyoncé. Since 2013, numerous infidelities of rumors hit the rapper. Rumors that led in 2014 to a focus between the musician and the sister of Beyoncé , while they were in a lift after the ceremony of Met Gala .
 Since 2016, it is in their music that the two stars evoke their problems of couple. It was Beyoncé who first warned her husband in his album Lemonade:  ” This is your last warning. You know that I gave you sight. You will lose your wife. “ A year later, Jay-Z was expiating his faults with his album 4:44 , the title of which is linked to the night when his relationship with Beyonce almost explode .

Instead, they are always together, stronger than ever. In an interview with T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Jay-Z unfolded like never before on these very difficult moments: ” You know, most people go away, the divorce rate is like 50 % because people can not see each other anymore. The hardest thing is to watch the suffering you have caused on someone’s face, and have to face it . 

Instead of leaving, Jay-Z preferred to fight: “I grew so much from this experience. But I think the most important thing is that everything is connected. All emotions are connected and it comes from somewhere. Being aware of it in everyday life means that you have an advantage. “ The rapper revealed that he had to do a lot of work on himself for not restrain his emotions: ” In my case, it was very deep. From there, anything can happen, including infidelity. “

It’s finally the music that has allowed the couple to get out of this bad situation: “We used our art a little like a therapy,” said Jay-Z before adding that listen to these songs very personal to the another had been a “very, very uncomfortable” experience . With Beyoncé, the musician then “sat in the eye of the cyclone”  : “The best place is right in the middle of the pain. And that’s where we sat. And it was uncomfortable. And we talked a lot. “