Jay-Z (48) is in conversation with CNN on Saturday about the marriage problems that the rapper and singer Beyoncé have endured. In their own words they do everything they can to stay together and Bee is his soulmate.

Despite his infidelity, where Beyoncé highlighted her side of the story on the album Lemonade , she did not want to divorce him. Jay says: “We have chosen to fight for our love, for our family.”

That fight for marriage did not go without a struggle. “That takes a while and it is difficult. It is difficult to hear what she thinks, it is difficult to say what I think. It is difficult to hear that pain. But you have to be strong enough for that, “says Jay-Z .

He also has a few tips for other men who have committed a misstep. For example, the 48-year-old rapper says: “The best way to apologize is to change your behavior”, and he says that you must recognize the “pain” and “let the other person do his say” .