It is April in the yard, in the Big Apple the temperature is nearing +20, but Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez continue to warm themselves. True, the actresses do it not for the sake of whim, but on duty.

All last week, Nicole Kidman has been walking around New York in long, slim coats – red and green, which suit her red hair a lot. The actress wears a bright wig and outerwear to match the new project – the “Play Back” series, in which he plays the successful therapist Grace Sachs. In addition to Nicole, Hugh Grant and Donald Sutherland are involved in the project, but the main focus of the paparazzi is Kidman for the time being.

Just as often, the photographers also get into the lens of Jennifer Lopez, who has already started shooting the Hustlers movie about strippers in the streets next to Nicole. The story about nightclub workers who decide to bring their former clients to clean water, unfolds in the 90s, which means that the singer has the appropriate image. On the streets of New York, the actress now appears in tight leggings and jeans and high heels, and over this beauty she puts on multi-colored fur coats or fur vests.

It is possible that this parade of bright outerwear will not end: both actresses are shooting in full swing, and the premiere of the projects is scheduled only next year.