The action star is negotiating his participation in the thriller “Killer’s Game”, a film that Hollywood has had in his box for twenty years, according to The Hollywood Reporter. DJ Caruso is approached for the realization.

Adapted from Jay Bonansinga’s novel “Games of Massacre”, “Killer’s Game” features Joe, a hitman with leukemia. This veteran of Vietnam has only a few months to live. In order not to die in a hospital bed, he decides to launch a contract on himself. Several professional killers then run after him, but Joe discovers too late that he has been misdiagnosed and still has good days ahead of him.

Since the publication of the novel in 1997, Hollywood has tried several times to bring it to the big screen. Before Jason Statham, Michael Keaton and Wesley Snipes were connected to the lead role. Directors Alex Proyas (“I, Robot”), John Woo (“Volte-face”), Frenchman Pitof (“Catwoman”) and Renny Harlin (“58 minutes to live”, “Cliffhanger”) had the project between their hands before it lands in those of DJ Caruso, known for his films “Paranoïak”, “The Eye of Evil” or “XXX: Reactivated”.

Hero of the fast-rising “Furious Furious” saga, Jason Statham will be playing on August 15th of “Meg”. The actor will embody an expert marine lifeguard who will save the seabed of a 23-meter prehistoric shark. The American star is also expected in the spin-off of “Fast and Furious” to be released in the summer of 2019 with his friend Dwayne Johnson.