Ivan Reitman passes the torch of Ghostbusters to his son.

Jason Reitman, nominated four times at the Oscars ( Juno , Up in the Air ), is expected to stage the next film in the series Ghostbusters for Sony Pictures. The feature film is expected in the summer of 2020.

The son Reitman wrote on Tuesday night, on Twitter , that he “finally had the keys to the car”.

Ivan Reitman had directed and produced the original Ghostbusters , released in 1984, and his sequel, released in 1989.

The studio says that this new Ghostbusters will return to its roots and will be the next chapter in the original story. Sony has tried to revive the story with ghost hunters in 2016, but the expensive film has disappointed at the box office.

It’s Entertainment Weekly that first announced the news . The production will start this summer, but we do not know who will be in distribution.