The actress and model boldly stated that her life is more important to her than the life of an unborn child.

Twitter users tried to hound Jamila Jamil after she said she had an abortion seven years ago. Haters wanted to shame the actress, but there it was. Jamila answered the trolls and stated that she was completely happy and successful and did not even think about shedding tears.

I received thousands of reports that I made a mistake when I had an abortion seven years ago, and now I must be miserable. But in fact, I am a happy, successful multimillionaire, deeply in love and free, I sleep well and am pleased with my wonderful life and career. But thanks for taking care

– wrote Jamila.

The actress previously wrote on Twitter about abortion:

My life interests me more than the life of an unborn fetus. Break off.

Users were outraged by the fact that the 32-year-old Jamil openly boasts of his wealth. It is noteworthy that earlier in an interview with People magazine, the actress talked about financial troubles, noting that at the age of 30 she could not manage money properly and lost everything that she had earned from 22 years old.

Jamila said that she was “at the bottom” because she couldn’t deal with paying taxes and because of the abuse of shopping she was trying to cure depression. Jamila emphasized that she grew up in a poor family, and admitted that she was not created to protect herself financially.