Let’s say it is better to avoid unfortunate situations.

Jamie Foxx does not like (but really does not) that we ask him about his love life. On Friday, February 16, 2018, the 50-year-old actor was in Los Angeles to participate in the 67th edition of the NBA All-Star Game, an annual basketball match between the best players in the NBA and which also featured several entertainment stars. Justin Bieber , Nick Cannon and rapper Common have been wetting the jersey in the field.

Interviewed before the cameras of the sports channel ESPN on this occasion, Jamie Foxx answered quietly the questions of the journalist when he crossed the yellow line. ” I know you’ve prepared for this game, since I’ve seen pictures, did Katie Holmes and you play basketball on Valentine’s Day? ” He asked. Annoyed, the star of Django Unchained has had a stifling grin before getting rid of his microphone and put an immediate end to the interview, without saying a word. ” We lost it? ” ESPN’s reporter was surprised. A funny and embarrassing sequence that has been taken up by many media on social networks.


The day before yesterday (February 14), Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes had been effectively spotted by the paparazzi during a one-on-one walk in the streets of Los Angeles. Casual and wearing hats, the lovebirds were perfectly matched. Smile to the lips, the actor and musician carried a basketball under his arm, hence the question of the ESPN reporter.


Supposedly in a relationship since 2013, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes (39) are still discreet, refusing to ask side by side when they participate in the same public events . But since a few months, the couple lowers the guard. In September 2017, they were photographed for the first time hand in hand on a beach in Malibu . Then they reappeared together on the birthday of the actorin December before appearing accomplices at a party organized on the sidelines of the Grammy Awards , January 27, 2018. But it was understood, it is not because their appearances multiply that they are ready to pour out on the subject, the mouth in heart …