Just a few days ago, it became known that the 36-year-old Fifty Shades of Gray star would be the father for the third time. On the evening show of Jimmy Kimmela, Jamie Dornan spoke with the host about the upcoming replenishment in the family and admitted how many more children he would like to have.

Actor and wife Amelia Warner already has two children: 5-year-old Dalsi and 2-year-old Elva. Dornan said that, looking at his beautiful daughters, he wants to become a father many more times. The actor decides on this issue for his wife. Dornan also promised that he was going to devote much more personal time to his third child, which in his time was not enough for his daughters. And although the actor did not miss the moment of their birth, because of the busy schedule of filming, he spent only three days with newborn Dalsi, and Elve was able to spend only ten days. At this time, the actor is going to release for the family at least a few months, and before giving birth to spend with Amelia all possible time.

Not so long ago, Jamie Dornan with Rosamund Pike presented his new film “Private War”. In November of this year, the expected release of the film “Robin Hood: Beginning,” where the actor played a major role. Also in the actor’s schedule, Dornan announced several new projects, so it is not yet known how well he will actually succeed in combining his career and family.

Trailer “Robin Hood: The Beginning”